Every Manufacturer need their product delivered timely, efficiently, economically and safely. In the world of Global Freight Forwarding, everyone looks for reliable service provider who has capabilities to transport goods across countries, continents and oceans and deliver.We connect with you through Krishna Global Logistics Shipping  from any place to your doorstep, we bring quick thought in global shipping. Whether it is LCL being transported from overseas location, or fruits, electronics or used machines, you are shown the right procedure for shipping by air, sea and road. We provide full range of services from consulting, planning, documentation, management and co-ordination of shipment to tracking, loading, unloading, customs procedure, storage and delivery of goods. We are small enough to provide quality service, large enough to meet your needs.


We have a team who are adjustableand are open to change .They are so easy to deal with,you will find the process stressful or tiresome.


Krishna Global Logistics offers 24×7 support for our clients .Our clients will never feel vague about any operations in the process.As we offers 24×7 support.


We concentrate on our resources .Krishna Global Logistics makes it economic and sensible for our customers.Our Services are economical in modes of operation.

What we Offer


Sea Freight

Wherever your cargo is going, we can give you the best alternative to payload . Our sea fright service volumes permits us to encourage worldwide connections like uae , Dubai bringing you incorporated multi-modular arrangements from port to port.

Air Freight

Our arrangement of air fright forward choices are illustrated to give arrangements that require adaptability. Our coordinated frameworks track the shipment from beginning to end giving clients a feeling of happiness knowing their shipment is in great hand


We, one of the logistics company in India, will likely plan a way to deal with your warehousing and dispersion needs that are effective and conveys the arrangement that advantages your association

Customs Clearance

We’re one of the Customs Clearing Agent in India, ensuring smooth and easy customs clearance for all our customers, so that they receive their goods on time. Our Customs Brokers help ease Import and Export regulations and paperwork in record time for all of your shipments.

End to End Logistics

Managing a logistics enterprise profitably can be one of the most challenging goals. From receiving orders, managing operations, agents and planning last mile deliveries can become overburdening. Our customized solutions help manage and execute everything end to end.

Bulk Shipping

The important thing to our fulfillment in land delivery is having the gear that permit us to keep our customer knowledgeable with correct statistics. when you outsource your land delivery capabilities, you want a associate who gives you the whole lot you need and at a competitive rate with distinctly dependable door-to-door logistics services.

"Let the professionals handle your shipment"